Pulsfire LRT

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The patent-pending Pulsefire from Exothermic is the ultimate compact, lightweight, fully handheld flamethrower that sends a blast of fire 25 feet away with the press of a button.

This version is equipped with a short range nozzle to comply with regulations and avoid requiring permission from the state fire marshal, pyrotechnics license, etc.

Instantly generate a stream of fire.

There’s no pressurized fuel canisters or pilot torches to worry about – when you press the trigger, the fuel pump draws gasoline from the reservoir and sends it through the nozzle, where it passes through an arc of plasma, kickstarting the flames.

Fill it like any other outdoor tool. With the system off, unscrew the cap and pour in gasoline or a gas/diesel mixture. When the battery gets low, charge it or swap in a spare to keep bringing the heat.

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